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How to save $1.2 Million

20 Sep 2011 Oxley 0 Comment

Recently a Queensland court ordered a landlord to pay damages of over $1.2 million to a tenant that tripped on worn carpet.
Don’t let this happen to you. At Professionals Oxley we are currently improving our reporting process to ensure that you are better informed on the current condition of your property. We recommend that all owners inspect their own property at least every 2 years. This may be beneficial to owners that have to travel as a percentage of the cost may be claimed on your tax!

Although every care is taken when conducting a routine inspection our Property Managers are not qualified Building Inspectors. It is an industry recommendation that Landlords employ the services of a fully licensed Building Inspector to provide a fully detailed report on their property particularly if your property is over 10 years old.
The purpose of this report is two fold. Firstly it provides you with a detailed report of anything requiring attention (including any liability risks) as well as a solid defence if a liability claim is brought against you.
This report is fully tax deductable and may save you millions.
Please contact The Property Management Department to discuss this matter further or email instructions to kylie.m@professionals.com.au.

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